What is the best climate to grow saffron? – How Many Years Ago Was The First Saffron Planted Seeds And They Hatched

Saffron is a precious ingredient. The golden flower is rich in protein, vitamins B1, B2 and C. Saffron grows wild in the deserts of India and grows in many South Asian countries, but is harder to find as an Indian or Pakistani ingredient. We love the fact that saffron has a rich flavour for dishes such as paneer korma, rice with saffron dosa, and it can also be added to salads like pakoras.

Do saffron growers use pesticides?

Saffron is a natural weed as it is just a leaf. Most farmers use herbicides and not pesticides. Saffron is also non-irritating on the eyes. However, saffron is not suitable for use in meat, which some people consider unhealthy.

Do saffron farmers sell their crop?

The Indian farmers buy saffron all year round. The demand for saffron is high both in India and the Middle East and the industry is seeing an increase in crop varieties to meet this demand. Some new varieties of saffron are also growing and are being used to make dish. However, some farmers sell their crops to other countries to pay their bills.

Saffron also has another attribute that could help it stay in the food market, called the ‘magic dust’. The farmers also use saffron in their food too as it is an integral part of the food chain.

How much is saffron worth?

Saffron has a higher price point in the market. The flower can fetch up to 100,000 rupees. The saffron can be sold with a retail value of around 50,000 rupees which is a lot of money. Saffron flower is also used to make saffron oil as well as to make saffron paste which adds flavour to most foods besides dishes. The price can go up as the popularity of saffron goes up and it becomes more valuable. Even though prices of saffron can be quite high, we do not see any reason why it should be kept off the shelves. If it stays on the shelves, people would be attracted to purchasing saffron, which is a wonderful plant to grow for its delicious flavour that is not only edible but also very healthy.

It is also used as one of the essential ingredients in a number of food items including paneer, biryani, and chicken korma. The

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