What is the best time to plant saffron bulbs? – When To Plant Saffron Crocus Bulbs In Australia

When plants are healthy and growing well. A healthy plant can grow in the winter. When the plant is not growing well, a seedling might look like this:

In the fall, a plant may go brown and be smaller from freezing. This is not necessarily a bad thing, especially if you are planting seeds for a later year. It shows the plant is still healthy and growing. However, this is not the time to grow saffron or dahlias as you will have to be patient for long growth phases.

In the spring, the plant may look like this:

The last thing I want is to have to pull the plant from the greenhouse because of a tiny sprout. If a small amount of saffron is too much, it may be better to take it to a certified saffron producer to be watered and allowed to grow.

I prefer to water my saffron plants from the base, to the top where it can be watered easily with the hose. If you put on the plant too much water, it will dry out in the plant and is not going to grow properly.

You do not want to give large amounts of water and make some tiny saffron sprouts. Watering at the base will cause saffron to dry as it wilts down below. I use a spray bottle to mist each time I plant saffron.

When you plant saffron, do not water too much or you risk saffron wilting from the excess water. Always water saffron from the base.

When you are ready to put the plant out into the outdoors, cover it with a towel, and allow it time to air dry. It is easier to work with saffron than to move it back indoors. Once leaves begin to fall off it is time to plant it indoors to help it grow.

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How to grow saffron for flower beds

If you want to grow saffron for flower beds (as opposed to for indoor use), check out Growing saffron for flower beds page for more information.

Growing saffron for use in salads

Another use for saffron is in salad dressings. I grew saffron over spinach at my mom’s house a few years ago. Her kitchen was full of saffron and herbs, and she was dying for a new dish. I used some of the saffron in homemade salsas and salads throughout that

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