What is the cheapest Spice? – How Many Years Ago Was The First Saffron Planted Tank Substrate

I have this weird idea that what is the cheapest Spice? I think the cheapest Spice is probably an olive, it gets a little pricey after adding garlic, herbs, and other spices, but it’s still cheap. How about a piece of cheese (maybe a whole graham cracker crusted crust) to go with that pepper?

I do need to find some way to get that pepper to be less salty (it’s getting a bit too strong, maybe it just needs more salt?)

My friend said that they’re selling the stuff in bulk because they’re making a ton of it. I don’t think that’s what they mean though. Can’t I just have it in my store, like it does with everything?

Can anyone get me a copy of A&H?

I think that’s a really good question. They only sell the sauce in the stores, and it’s so weird that they’re selling the Sauce Mix, which is the bread that you bake your spice out of, in bulk, when they already have enough food that’s already baked to go over those numbers, instead they’re selling the bread because who knows, you might think it’s cheaper than the sauce, which is probably also wrong.

Why don’t they sell a jar of the Bread & Salted Peppers in the store?

Because that’s not the deal. You have to purchase it separately from that bag.

Do they even really know what’s in it?

No, all of the pepper mixes they buy in bulk are basically just hot pepper paste, oil, and salt, but I’m guessing that if you look in a box of spices for sale, you can’t actually spot a single spice.

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