What kind of soil does saffron grow in? – Planting Saffron Crocus Corms

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A variety of soils are suitable for both saffron and chamomile. Most of our saffron is grown on the slopes of rocky mountain tops and in clay loam soils that are not acidic enough to sustain the beneficial bacteria that create the saffron’s wonderful aroma. However, chamomile’s milder smell makes it attractive to many people that have allergies or sensitive stomachs.

How much do I need in my garden to make a good saffron plant?

For best results, a saffron plant should produce 1 to 6 cups of the aromatic flower each year. Most chamomile varieties do not grow in a garden. This is an important distinction, given that the saffron plants you see all over your kitchen counter are all varieties of chamomile. In reality most of our chamomile is only 1 part chamomile seed to 6 parts chamomile flower.

Will saffron destroy my tomatoes or pears?

Saffron flowers are poisonous to some species of tomato or pear and some pears. Avoid picking on them with sharp or blunt fingernails.

What should I think of saffron after I’ve bought it?

Saffron often comes with a warning saying, “Saffron is poisonous to some plants.” It was designed that way, to alert you that this is a safe and beautiful scent that you should definitely avoid. We try to be as friendly as possible to all gardeners from all backgrounds and beliefs. Most of our sales professionals are vegans who care about plant-based food choices. Many of them are also vegetarians, so they know the importance of avoiding synthetic foods. Others are concerned gardeners, so they look at all the plant-based nutrients in the saffron and make good decisions about what to use and how to use it.

But is saffron worth the price?

Saffron is worth the price. We sell saffron at $0.75 a pound plus tax. That is a bargain and is good value for money. For many years people were buying cheap and then selling them for a high price to someone who had more money. When they got the expensive saffron at 10 times the value, someone who could afford it then dumped it in their garden.

How long does it take to grow a saffron plant?

Our saffron plants usually last 3 to 6

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