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Gold. The first thing that comes to mind, aside from its incredibly high price, is the cost. But Gold has a lot more than just its preciousness in common currency.

The gold market is huge… It produces more than 500 tons of gold every single year, the majority of it mined right here [in the United States]. Most of that goes toward production of physical bullion, that’s a form of paper currency… The United States alone produces an unbelievable 1.1 billion ounces of gold… [Gold is] used in consumer electronics such as televisions and mobile phones, and even used as an investment [in] gold. It’s used as a barreling metal in jewelry and watches and to make diamonds.

More than $13 trillion in gold is traded annually, in many forms, in a huge market that is nearly endless in complexity and size. Many of the transactions between people, companies and governments that involve bullion are entirely confidential.

In 2012, there were more than 100 million gold bars traded worldwide and $1.6 trillion in gold coins and bars traded by private investors.

The world’s gold reserves are almost 5 times larger than they were at the end of 1971. In fact, the global reserve has tripled since the first year of the gold standard. For a brief period it was greater than 1 percent.

The following chart represents the relative value of bullion bullion holdings as of the beginning of this month. This gives the largest share among gold, silver, platinum, sapphires and palladium.

Gold is the world’s precious metal of choice. It is the safest and most useful metal, and the second largest of the precious metals.

Despite the incredible value of gold, we see little demand for it on the market today. In fact, people are increasingly hoarding gold.

We estimate that the gold dollar is currently worth about $200 trillion dollars (or about 2,500 tons; or two percent of world GDP), or 15 times larger than it was at the end of 1971. In contrast, the bullion dollar is only worth about $50 trillion dollars.

While the silver and platinum dollar share nearly half the value of gold in global trade, the platinum dollar represents only 18 percent of the value of gold. It is a far smaller share than the bullion dollar.

The silver dollar is a much larger portion of world trade, but far smaller than the platinum dollar.

In 2012, silver traded

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