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Gold is the most expensive non-metal in the world at US$1416 per troy ounce, about the same as silver. Copper and zinc are the next most costly metals after gold.

But which is the most valuable metal? The most precious metal? Yes, technically we could call it the “Most valuable metal.” Gold is the most expensive metal, but its value has declined because of the global gold bubble and all the gold it has been able to steal from India and other countries. Silver, on the other hand, has stayed roughly the same since 1970. I can say for sure that the most valuable metal is neither gold or silver. Neither of these metals are a good investment.

The most valuable metal in the world is platinum (Pt). We have never been able to create platinum alloys so we can make jewelry and other objects with platinum, but platinum has always been a superior alloys than gold or silver. Platinum has a density of just 2.1 grams per cubic centimeter. Gold, silver, and copper all have densities between 2 and 4 grams per cubic centimeter. Platinum is a much, much harder material than all three of those metals and can be made quite soft.

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Platinum has four isotopes, three of which are different from each other: Au+ (yellow), Au- (blue), and Au- (orange). The platinum is classified by its isotope number (Au, AuO, Au2), but since the number of these isotopes ranges from 1 to 4, different platinum alloys may be classified by their ratio of each of their two isotopes (the two ratios are referred to as “stratigraphic” and “geological” for the different isotope systems that they represent). If you are trying to decide between two of the same alloys, look for the ratio of each of its two isotopes. The most abundant isotope of platinum is Au- but its isotope number is 1.13. Au- is slightly lighter than Au and thus contains less of its heavy core at the beginning of the chemical reaction from which a diamond is formed.

So, platinum is a far superior alloying substance to gold because of its higher intrinsic density. In addition, platinum has a much higher melting point, its specific heat rises faster than gold (approximately 900C vs. 400C), and much of its energy is stored in the diamond-rich core rather than concentrated in the molten alloy. On the other hand, the very dense

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