When should saffron be used? – Can You Grow Saffron Crocus Indoors

This saffron is often prepared and used for the following purposes:

As an ornamental, especially for green areas or foliage. For all these reasons saffron has a long history and is used mainly for its ornamental value and not as a food source so don’t overdo it. It can also be dyed as an artificial dye.

It is often used as an ornamental by people who live and work in such areas so it is not wise to allow this to be eaten raw unless you would like it to be. If it is to be eaten, place on something such as a dish while it has sat around for an hour or so.

It is used in the making and preparation of other herbal medicines as a cure for a variety of illnesses including malaria and diphtheria.

A saffron flower called the saffrina lily, a species of lily-of-the-valley, has been eaten by people in India for medicinal purposes for centuries.

It grows quite frequently in some areas of India where saffru (stink weed) is much more common than the wild saffron, and it provides a good source of vitamin A. So it could be used to supplement the usual diet.

For people who are allergic to saffron, it is available, as saffron flowers are often made into ‘peppies’, in various flavours from a mild green to sweet red.

Some people use it to treat eczema, eczema of the nose, pimples and psoriasis. It can also be used for psoriasis on the hands, feet, scalp and face as a topical treatment.

Other uses for saffron include:

Drying or drying out a dress or other garment.

Removing a part of your hair so only the sides remain.

Making ‘fuzzies’ like those made by using a piece of wool to create a natural fuzz on your hair or face.

Drying and cleaning your hair once a week; it also works as a hair oil so try to get it away from your face only if you are doing it regularly.

For those suffering from dry eyes it has been used to remove the residue of eye make-up (such as contact lenses)

Drying and drying hair, especially those with dry skin.

If you use saffron in your daily hair care routine you might need to use

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