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How many saffron plants should I plant?

Three if the seeds look more than 1cm long

If you want to plant the seeds later, you might want to plant a little bit earlier in the season. Most of them will come up in the early summer, so make sure you plant them a little later to catch up with them.

How to plant saffron
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Cut the stems and leaves of the saffron plant to roughly the same size as the flower.

To grow saffron plants, it helps to have your favourite herb or flower in the garden, so you can see at a glance when the saffron trees are coming in from their summer dormancy.

Saffron can also be grown from the seed.

Saffron seed should be sown in early spring when the saffron flower is still developing.

Plant saffron seeds 1 to 2 months before the bloom time (4 to 9 weeks after you sow the saffron flowers).

Fertilise with water and a little bit of salt, and plant out 1/8 to 1/4 metre apart from your other plants in an area that has plenty of drainage.

How to grow saffron trees?

Grow saffron trees by following the same step as growing saffron plants.

How long will the trees last?

Saffron trees will last between 3 years and 5 years depending on the soil, light and climate.

When should I plant saffron?

It depends.

Saffron should be planted in spring.

Saffron should not be planted during the summer heatwave.

Saffron should not be planted in the dry summer months.

Saffron could be planted the first few months after you have harvested your flower buds.

Saffron should be planted several times in succession and once your saffron tree is ready you can plant the saffron flower buds and start harvesting fresh ones.

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