Where can I buy saffron? – How Many Years Ago Was The First Saffron Planted Seat

You can buy saffron in many places in India, you can buy saffron in every supermarket in India, you can buy saffron in every department store in India from Delhi to Bangalore and anywhere in India.

When will I be able to find saffron?

Unfortunately there aren’t any saffron experts on the Internet, so we have to rely on websites to find saffron. I would recommend you to contact the farmers in your village who have the skill to produce saffron and ask them how to find their saffron.

What kind of saffron can I get?

You can find other kinds of saffron, like white blue, yellow and orange saffron, which is different from regular saffron used for medicine or for making fragrances.

What is blue saffron?

Blue saffron is really sweet saffron and is more expensive and more delicate than regular saffron. It is a more delicate variety of saffron than regular saffron. Blue saffron has the same smell and colour as regular saffron. It is a very good quality of saffron and is considered a holy saffron.

Why is blue saffron sold at home health shops?

Blue saffron is considered holy, and it is a special material that is used in homes to make perfume, candles and soap. It has not been officially banned as such.

How much is blue saffron?

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Blue saffron is sold in a large range of prices. In the area where I live where I grew up, people use a price of Rs 150 per kg. For that price, you have about 5 kg in bulk, or about 2.2 kg for half a kilogram. That amounts to about Rs 600 / kg.

Do I have to collect my saffron from home?

That is not necessary. We can make our own when we are on our farm and sell it to home health shops or even send it to factories. We don’t sell it wholesale.

What does the name “blue saffron” mean?

“Blue saffron” in different regions of India means the same.

When will I get my saffron?

Blue saffron is a special material that is used for making perfumes, candles and soap. These saffron are harvested in

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