Where does saffron grow best? – How To Harvest Saffron

In most areas of India, it is grown as an ornamental plant in groves.

In the south west region of India, the plant is the main crop for the entire year.

It has a very sweet taste and is well suited to Indian palate.

It produces rich milky-colored berries, although in less than one ton, it is a low yielder.

It is a wonderful source of protein and calcium, a rich source of iron, and one that is high in dietary fibre.

How is saffron grown?

Saffron is cultivated in several places around India, including in the north west, north east and south east,

It is cultivated in groves, or grovelets in the south west, along river banks, and in various locations close to the sea.

It can come from very poor lands and be quite rare among the more developed crops, so that its use as an ornamental plant is uncommon.

It is grown to yield hundreds of ton per acre. This is the reason for the rarity of saffron in India.

Saffron is grown for many different reasons, one of the most important being its taste.

For an exotic spice, it lacks many of the common qualities that it is known for and is only appreciated for that.

It is often used as a substitute for other spices in the cooking.

Where is saffron grown?

Indian saffron is grown around the country, in both its seedling and flower forms.

It is used as an ornamental plant for both indoors and out, and is the official state flower of Maharashtra.

It is also grown for the export market.

It is exported to the United Kingdom and other European countries and to Japan and South Korea.

It is grown worldwide.

How is saffron grown?

Safghin is a wild cultivated plant, and is indigenous to India. It is also known as ‘saffron flower’.

In this plant, there is two types of flower: a flower in a small cone and a flower in a large cone.

Saffron grows in the southern states of India, mainly Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Punjab, Uttarakhand and Jharkhand, and in the north east and southern states of the country.

It is grown primarily for its fragrance.

It is also

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