Where does saffron grow best? – Saffron In Vermont

In the tropics.

Saffron has medicinal properties, and is used medicinally, as part of an ancient folk medicine treatment called ‘tortuga,’ which is a cocktail of dried leaves, fruits, sprigs, and aromatic herbs. In the tropics saffron flowers are picked when they’re ripe or even when they are just a couple of years old (there is a tradition for sowing in the fall).

Saffron seeds are also used in folk medicine. They are mixed with hot water and ground in large pieces. They are then pressed from the seeds into paste, used as an alcoholic beverage, or mixed with spices and used in culinary preparations such as a dressing for salad or a spice rub for chicken or lamb. When seeds are boiled they are said to possess medicinal properties. Saffron seeds, also known as the ‘cactus of health’ are the only plant used medicinally.

Saffron, is a flowering plant with bright orange, red, and yellow flowers. The leaf leaves and its fruit are used for healing purposes, both externally and internally. The seed is dried and used as a remedy in medicine.

How to Grow Saffron

Saffron grows well in full sun. It is not native to any part of the US, where it grows naturally only on mountain slopes and in deserts, so this plant cannot be grown in gardens. Saffron is native to Arabia, Turkey, Egypt and India.

Saffron seeds look like small, thin, purple seed pods. Like chia seeds, they are spherical. Each pod has several small, flattened, red-yellow flowers which open into a flower stalk.
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Saffron seeds are large, spherical, green-yellow seeds and can be harvested in their pods

Saffron is not suitable for indoor growing as it will wilt in direct sunlight, but it is well-suited for growing indoors for many reasons:

it’s an easy, natural green house plant (no need for sunflowers!), it keeps roots moist, it needs no supplemental water, and it is able to handle cold weather in the winter.

It has a long growing season, growing into the fall, and it can be grown outdoors in warm, humid summers

It’s compact, so it takes up little space and is often easier to plant or water than a conventional annual

Saffron prefers good drainage in order to provide protection from winds. This makes

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