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That’s a very fair question, which is not what I had in mind, of course.

The same holds for the number of days between a purchase and the time it was actually made and delivered. I have been told you have to use the date of the purchase (which is usually the week previous), date of purchase (which varies from store to store and company to company) and the time of the day (which varies from person to person too).

All of that is very important to remember.

What do you buy?

My saffron is sourced from a small number of small farms in the area, that have traditionally used the plant for making saffron sauce, spices and curries. They all produce it within a week, or two depending on production times. But the average saffron is bought between about six weeks (including the processing time) and two months, but it’s not exactly a long time.

The best saffron is made from a plant that needs little or no water and is quite cold, meaning it’s very susceptible to heat, but otherwise quite suitable for almost any cooking. It takes about two months to grow and is usually harvested from February-March, when conditions are in their optimum.

But the price is low, the quantity varies throughout the year, there’s an array of colourings available and there are a whole lot of people who make saffron.

What are the advantages of buying saffron?

One of the things I don’t have time to tell you about that’s very important is that even if you don’t believe in the magical power of buying saffron, it’s worth the investment, even if you’ll do so after reading it here.
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Saffron has been used as a spice for over 5,000 years, to cure food, and to enhance flavour in numerous dishes. It was found in Egypt, and later it was imported to Persia before being discovered by India’s first European ruler.

A small number of people have used saffron for medical purposes for centuries. It’s claimed to protect against certain cancers and it’s been used as a painkiller.

Saffron’s healing properties have been reported by astrologers, doctors and even those who claim to be healed by saffron.

I know my saffron’s going to be good. Why wouldn’t I buy it?

I don’t buy it from a restaurant, I

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